Fort Collins winter Bike To Work Day

Here’s a cool piece of news I didn’t know about previously: The city of Fort Collins, Colorado held its first Winter Bike to Work Day yesterday. Winter cycling is actually reasonable in Colorado. Conditions are generally dry, and even when there is snow it dissipates rapidly in the high altitude sunshine and dry air.

If you need reasons to bike in the winter, Adam @ Rocbike posts his 10 reasons bikes are better for winter commuting. As I commented at Rocbike, I’m in snow-free Santa Cruz, California now, but I’ve “been there, done that” with winter bike commutes in Colorado, Illinois and north Texas.

DC Beautiful Bike (from Gwadzilla) Here’s a cool winter cyclist profile — Tanya the IT Coordinator uses her bike for everything in Toronto. Tanya is the Crazy Biker Chick.

Jared in Austin biked to work for the first time. Drop in and give him an encouraging word.

I wanted to pass along this bike photo that Gwadzilla took because the bike is so cool. Read more about the bike and its rider at Gwadzilla. Gwadz, if you don’t know, rides his bike around Washington DC and photographs cyclists in and around the US Capital.

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