Gary Fisher Simple City bicycle

“Simple City” is the name of the Gary Fisher mystery commuter bike. Cycling News reports in their Trek World 2007 report that the Fisher Simply City was “one of the showstoppers” at the show.

Product Manager Chad Price and his team of ‘Chads’ (three in total) collaborated with Gary Fisher to create a cool new city shopper that blends the best of Euro city bikes and classic Schwinn townie that are so beloved in communities like Madison, WI and Davis, CA.

“We wanted to create a bicycle that was unique and featured the best of two worlds; useful for transportation and shopping, but lighter and faster than the conventional city bike “, Price said. “Simple City says it all; a simple city bike that has the best features, like the unique geometry we created so the ride is stable and comfortable under load and the adjustable front dropouts that support the optional ‘two bagger’ front rack”.

Arleigh provides some additional information on the Gary Fisher Simple City bicycle, and Bike Hugger Byron gives his views on this bike.

Now for some unsubstantiated rumors I’ve heard from people who may or may not be associated with Trek:

  • Product release early 2008, perhaps as early as January?
  • 3-speed will retail for $400, 8-speed for $800.

I’ll definitely look for this bike when I visit Interbike next month.

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