NYMEX light sweet crude price

Stanford students line up to get free bike lights. First of all, that photo is a picture of Stanford students lined up with their bicycles to collect free bike lights from the Bike Light Extravaganza this week. Stanford’s student government handed out 600 lights during the three days of this bike safety event. Perhaps these bike cops should have dropped by to pick up lights of their own!

Stanford students pick up free bike lights during a Bike Light Extravaganza on campus. Secondly, two more people shamelessly posted bike haiku link bait, and they’re both in the Kansas City area! Warren writes about Bike Commute Ninjas before his end-of-DST lament. And Noah posts a paen to pandas in his bike self portrait baiku.

Finally, NYMEX light sweet crude oil closed Friday afternoon at $96.32 per barrel today. While Danielo came closest with his guess of $96.50, you have to come in below the actual price to win soooo no winners today. Michael’s suggestion to try “Price Is Right” strategy would have served somebody well, but nobody tried lowballing with a figure like $80. I might try this contest (or something similar) again next week. In the meantime, Masiguy has a guess the number of socks contest going on at Masi Guy right now.

The Stanford bike photos are courtesy Budi Waskita and used with his kind permission.


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