Fun at work

I should mention bicycles and bicycling. I did none yesterday because I stayed home with a nasty head cold. I ached. I coughed. I sniffled. I had a fever. I stayed home and slept (when I wasn’t committing evil conspiracy against the bike industry).

This morning I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed the bike and came to work. I feel better. I relate to Mr. Elder’s bike commuter race ethic, so I passed two cyclists this morning (never mind the half dozen who passed me).

Now to work. Jonathan Schwartz is CEO of Sun Microsystems. He is my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss. He was captured on a hidden camera enjoying lunch with a friend at a local restaurant.

While I’m talking about my work: the Sun Constellation system won the Product of the Year award from Supercomputing Online; and UAE University has rolled out a student-designed 8 teraflop grid computer using Sun Microsystem blade systems. While I’m not directly involved in these specific efforts, I’m in the group in Menlo Park that designed the systems and we’re all pretty proud of how well they’re doing.

Finally, somebody unleashed literally hundreds of pink and blue dolphins on our South Bay campuses this morning. They represent Sun’s ownership of MySQL (which uses the dolphin) but I think it’s also a play on the French Poisson d’Avril or “April Fish” as they call this day.


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