LED Headlights for your bicycle

Leather toe clip sewing kit. Photo by Yohei Morita

NOTE: Watch for a contest this next week. The prize will be one of these leather toe clip sewing kits from “Swamp” in Tokyo.

Jim G writes about his next LED bike light project. There’s a ton of LED lighting technology available now and Jim writes his thoughts on what he’ll with some of the new super bright LEDs and a dynohub front wheel.

Meanwhile over in the state Capital, Doc Logan wants to escape the smoke from the 1,781 wild fires in the Golden State.

Ron of Cozy Beehive writes his thoughts on Ridley Dean’s fastest bike in the world. And I still owe Ron a tagged post.

This is about as ridiculous as it gets: a drunk cyclist attacks a motorist, and the next thing you know a whole mob of cyclists gangs up on the motorist. The motorist, Colin Yates, turns out to be a long time cycling advocate. Jonathan writes more about it here and here.

Olympics: Final 3 members of the US Cycling team are named. Road cyclists Amber Neben and Christine Thorburn and mountain biker Mary McConneloug will represent the United States in China next month.

Backlog of bicycle stuff

Treadly and me calls it Speedlinking. Cycle Pig has his Weekly Oink. Freewheeling calls it his Freewheeling Roundup. Copenhagenize calls it various things. I just call it trying to catch up. Here are some several quick links for your weekend reading pleasure:

Have a great weekend!

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