Letter to a Supermarket

Kevin Rogers
Sobeys Prince Street Sydney Store
272B Prince Street
Sydney NS B1P 5K6

Dear Mr. Rogers:

I am a cyclist who rides a bicycle year-round for transportation. Frequently, I’ve brought my bike into your store. If what I have to buy can be carried with reasonable ease on the bike, I simply take the whole thing inside in lieu of getting a cart; it doesn’t bring in any more dirt, or take up any more room, than a cart. Until now, the staff has always allowed this. This is, in turn, the main reason I choose to patronize Sobeys over Atlantic SuperStore, which does not permit this.

Around 2:00 PM today, I brought the bike in as I usually do and went to the deli counter. It was particularly important I have it with me on this occasion because I was purchasing something to bring to a pot-luck dinner and had to make sure that whatever I was purchasing would fit in my trunk pack. However, as I was being served, I was approached by a security guard who told me I had to take my bike into the lobby. I explained to him how Sobeys staff had never objected to my bringing it in before.

However, shortly after he left, I was approached by Terry McLeod, one of your employees. He identified himself as the store manager and repeated what the security guard had said; from now on, I’d have to leave my bike in the lobby. When I explained my rationale for bringing it in, he claimed that Sobeys has a specific policy forbidding persons from bringing bicycles inside. I asked if this policy was in writing; he said it was and that, “Next time you’re in, we’ll have it for you.”

I did a search for the term “bicycle” on both your customer and corporate websites; both searches failed to yield any hits. If what Mr. McLeod told me was true, I would think this document would have appeared somewhere on one of your sites since it’s obviously something that cycling customers patronizing your store would need to know. Further, although on the front door is a sign requiring footwear and shoes and forbidding pets, there is nothing on the door about bicycles whatsoever.

I would like to know if there is, in fact, a written policy against bringing bicycles into your stores. If so, I would like a copy of that policy along with an explanation of the rationale behind it. If there is no such policy, however, then I would like to file a formal grievance against Mr. Terry McLeod for falsely claiming that there was.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at either of the numbers below or E-mail me at this address. I’ve also provided my mailing address if you’d like to send me anything by postal mail as well.

I am a regular Sobeys customer and have been for almost nine years; I’d like to clear up this matter as soon as possible. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time.

**-** ********* **
SYDNEY NS *** ***

(902) ***-****
(902) ***-****


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