The candidates on transportation and jobs

I didn’t have a bike commute today because I’m working from home! I recorded a new episode of The Spokesmen early this morning with David and Donna. Watch for it soon.

This is Erin of Swobo on the new Del Norte.

Erin on the Swobo Del Norte

Ferentz LaFargue on the Democratic candidates:

As Green Consciousness continues erupting in this country politicians have failed to realize that bicycles are the new cars, in the sense that they can offer a similar jolt to national and local economies in the 21st century that car manufacturing did in the 20th century. Thinking creatively about making states such as Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada that are renowned for their moderate climes, but which are unnecessarily congested with cars, can potentially revitalize not only certain segments of this nation’s manufacturing sectors, but also an urban planning movement that has become mired in obstinate highways and luxury high rise building projects. Those leery that auto lobbyists will reject any such measures should consider the fact that transportation and spending are as much about habit as they are need. People will not stop buying cars, or buy them at any less of a rate than we are currently purchasing them, we will simply buy them for different reasons.

Guitar Ted asks is now the time for bike commuting

Anybody that is a “bicycle enthusiast” will at least give it a go, but you would expect that of them. It is the much larger body of people out there that don’t ride bicycles that is important here. To see any significant change in gas prices downward or to see any kind of a boost for the cycling industry, it is these non-cycling people that will have to come in and make a difference.

My gut feeling is that it won’t happen. Not even with $4.00 per gallon gas or higher.

From Bike Commute Tips, Americans learn bikes cut costs and improve fitness.

Bike parking Dodger Stadium? Yes there is! Giants fans already know that valet bike parking is available at Pac Bell SBC AT&T Park in San Francisco, where fewer than 50% of fans drive to home games.

Record snowfall in Columbus, Ohio doesn’t stop the Columbus bike commuter.

Portland, OR isn’t first. Neither is Washington, DC. Tulsa, Oklahoma has been running a successful Velib-style bike share program for almost a year now. See Tulsa Townies, which has credit card activated electronic kiosks with pink singlespeed rental bikes.

Washington DC area Bike To Work Day registration is now open.

Denmark Prime Minister Anders Rasmussen is a strong mountain biker. Props to David for that news.

Gwadzilla photographs the photographers at the National Bike Summit.

Woodside, California residents are well known among Bay Area cyclists for their doodoo head attitudes. It looks like they’ve upped the ante.

Phony bike frames on eBay.


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