Back in the USA

I’m back in the USA now after a whirlwind tour of Taiwan. My compatriots and I had an amazing trip — I had no idea Isla Formosa has so much to offer. I knew I was really home after only 5 minutes in L.A. traffic when road raging idiot “TRNR TIM” in his white SUV got all aggressive on my cabbie, honking, yelling, and swerving into our lane threatening to hit us. What a tool.

I have more to write about my trip later, but first I’m catching up on what you all are saying in the blogosphere. Here are a few things that catch my eye:

Dublin bike share overwhelmed by subscriptions. H/T to Carlton.

Kate and Topeak Jango

Bike Friday developing an electric folding bike.

Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo photos by KWC.

Rivendell Bike Works is hiring.

Sky Yeager at Oregon Manifesto interview.

Sao Paolo commuter challenge – Bike vs … helicopter? Guess who won?

Streetsblog Bike Traffic slideshow.

Unite Bike 09 – Minneapolis/St Paul, Austin + San Francisco.

Noddin Elementary School Bike Rodeo help needed.

Oregon Manifesto commuter bike design challenge.

I see plenty of surf board for bikes in Santa Cruz, CA, but I’ve never seen one quite like this.

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