Kids Bike In a Box

This is interesting: Online bicycle retailer Performance Bicycle announced “Kids Bike In a Box” along with a “Kids Bike Growth Guarantee” in what looks to me like shot at grabbing some of huge share of the kids bike market that mass retailers like Wal-Mart own.

The Bike In A Box program is just that — you pick a bike by consulting a sizing chart, order the bike, and a fully assembled bike in a box shows up on your doorstep.

Performance Bike In a Box

Performance Bike In a Box

Assembly is done by Performance bike workers, instead of the guy who stocks the lawn & garden department and scoops out the dead fish in the pet department, so hopefully you won’t have the nightmare stories of disconnected brakes and loose wheels that are typical of the mass retail bikes.

“Our new Kids Bike in a Box offering is designed to offer convenience and excellent value to Mom and Dad, especially during the holidays,” said Jim Thompson, chief executive of Performance Inc. “Bike in a Box is a new way for parents to choose the best bike at the best price, and make sure that it’s ready to ride as soon as it’s delivered, with the assurance that every bike is assembled for quality and safety.”

Performance’s Kids Bikes in a Box offers youth bikes for ages 3 to 12, professionally assembled and ready to ride. The bikes come in five different sizes: 12 inch, 16 inch and 20 inch for path and pavement bikes, and 20 inch and 24 inch for mountain bikes. The kids bikes also come in an assortment of colors for boys and girls. Prices for Performance’s youth bikes range from $89 to $220.


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