NAHBS Part 1

Upon arriving at the show, our group took advantage of the free secure indoor bike parking that was staffed by volunteers from These fellows were quick, cheerful and mighty friendly. Not a bad first impression.

One of my favorite bikes in the show was this gem built by Keith Anderson for use by his 3 boys as they grow. I asked if he anticipated having to referee more than a few fights to see who gets to ride it. He says that he’s had the idea in the works for the past 3 years, but started building this year. The frame took 10 days, but the fenders were 3 months in the making. They’re made of laminated layers of padouk and wenge wood with a center insert of abalone shell.

Their were a few minivelo’s to be seen. Sillgey had a large display in a rainbow of colors. but this white one was my favorite. I didn’t get to ride it, but those who did were impressed with its nimble handling and snappy acceleration.

MurphyKate loved the red city bike with the wood trim – and not just for the bunny in the cage on the front rack.

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