Sea Otter Expo deals and discounts

If you’re headed to Monterey for the final day of the Sea Otter Classic 2009, you might think about taking advantage of some smoking discounts on stuff you’ll buy anyway. People are walking out of the expo area with wheelsets, bicycle shoes, component groups, socks, clothing, eyewear, mirrors and other goodies.

CycleAware, for example, are selling their mirrors, bags and other goodies for about 15% off. Ryder and Tifosi both have their sunglasses at 50% off retail. Shimano was selling shoes like crazy, and I saw a lot of Crank Brothers boxes heading out.

Not all of the exhibitors have product for sale: Genuine Innovations gave away dozens of CO2 cartridge inflators. Various energy bar and snack food vendors, including CLIF, Larabar, Simbee, FRS and ZYM came prepared to feed and hydrate an army with their freebies.

I won’t have much in updates today, but you can follow blogs like Bike Commuters, Guitar Ted Productions, Mountain Bike Riders.

I have plenty of photos to publish from the show that I think you’ll find interesting, and I have lots of bike product updates and news to last at least a couple of months.

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