Bending frame bicycle

A bicycle that you can literally wrap around a pole.

Kevin Scott's bendable bike

From Gizmodo:

The bike can literally bend around a lamp post. Again: The whole bike bends to lock onto itself. First, it’s rigid. Then, you push a lever and it’s flexible enough to tie it to a post. Rigid. Lever. Bendable. Lever. Rigid. Lever. Bendable. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop marveling at this invention.

Instead of carrying a U lock around with you to lock your bike, the bike becomes the U lock. A lever ratchets a cable inside the bendable part of the frame tight so you can ride it rigid. Loosen the cable to make it bendy.

The inventor, Kevin Scott, is an industrial design student at De Montfort University in Leicester UK, where he was runner-up in the Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year Award at New Designers for his collapsible bicycle. “I am now going to take this forward to produce a fully resolved solution and hopefully this will be a stepping stone into a career in the bike designing industry,” says Kevin.

James @ Bicycle Design has his thoughts on this design.

Photos and more in the Daily Mail: The incredible ‘bendy bicycle’: British designer, 21, invents a bike you can FOLD around a lamp post. Props to Wes for this story.

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