Sunny and hot

TGIF. The weather is supposed to be sunny and hot along the coast this weekend, which means the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has declared a Spare the Air Day for Saturday because of expected high ozone levels. With this wonderful weather and dropping gasoline prices, we’ll see a lot of beach and boardwalk traffic. I plan to spend quality time with my family, and we’ll likely ride our bikes around town as well.

Friday Bicycle News.

Cool — this cop tells cyclists to take the lane. (Via Paul)

Biathlon Olympic champ Kati Wilhelm rides a bicycle.

QUINTA DA RIA, PORTUGAL - SEPTEMBER 24: Biathlon Olympic champion Kati Wilhelm rides a racing cycle during the 'Champion des Jahres' event week at the Robinson Club Quinta da Ria on September 24, 2010 in Quinta da Ria, Portugal. More than 70 top German athletes were invited by German holiday resort operator Robinson and German Sports Foundation (Deutsche Sporthilfe) to relax at the Robinson Club resort for a week's holiday after the season, as part of the company's 'Champion of the Year' competition. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

UK Bike Hub app finds quickest or quietest cycle routes, gives you turn by turn directions, locates nearest bike shops, and it’s free for download and use! An update will feature Phil Liggett voiceovers that will encourage you to dig deep into your suitcase of courage.

To use this or other iPhone apps on your bicycle, use an iPhone handlebar mount. Carlton shows us this nifty, twistable iPhone holder for a bicycle handlebar.

A copper plated Brompton for London Design Week 2010. Bike Designer Mark Sanders will speak at the Tramshed Bicycle Extravaganza next Saturday the 25th during the Festival.

UK Government to abolish Cycling England in national budget cutting. Cycling England is a “quasi nongovernmental organization” or “quango” and is an independent body funded by the UK Department to promote cycling in England.

On Barclays sponsorship and Boris Bikes: When corporate sponsorship backfires.

Independence MO bans roadway harassment of cyclists, pedestrians, and old folks in wheelchars.

Mike Moran, a Vietnam veteran whom Independence motorists often see driving a motorized wheelchair along East 23rd Street, backed Schultz up.

“Ninety-eight percent of Independence drivers wave at me,” Moran said. “Then there is the other 2 percent who like to see how close they can get to you. They scream and holler and try to harass you. It’s very strange. Apparently just being an old guy in a wheelchair seems to threaten them.”

History of San Francisco bicycling.

Rotted handlebars.

Freakonomics says Cash For Clunkers was a FAIL.

An urban, bike-themed restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. Via.

Yet Another Bicycle Turn Signal, this one in a backpack. The controller is wireless. Via.

Refinery 29: Chic rain gear for the avid cyclist from Terra New York.

MAKE: bike sharpens knives.

WIRED: iPad + BMX = Music.


Enjoy your weekend, all!

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