DIY Bakfiets

Nick Johnson’s home made Bakfiets style cargo bike.

Nick in Princeton, New Jersey wanted some cargo carrying capacity. He bought some square tubing, scavenged headset, fork and wheel from a child’s Huffy, sacrificed a Schwinn for the rear half, and welded the whole thing together with a frame for the ‘box’ to create his homebrew Bakfiets.

Done-ish DIY Bakfiets

The Dutch have long ago perfected a design known as the Bakfiets (“box bike”) for transporting cargo. These literally are the SUVs of Holland; Dutch moms even use these to carry their children to school. I thought about it, and the design seemed perfect for my needs. In short, the design is a two-wheel bicycle, with a large cargo platform between a 20″ front wheel and the steering column.

More at Nick’s Cheap Hacks website. H/T to Edwin.

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