Dog on bike trailer

I took my dog Lily to the bike park on Saturday using Burley’s Travoy bike trailer.

Generally, the blue dog transport bin is bolted to the bike rack. With the Travoy, I can quickly strap the blue bin to the trailer with Burley’s quick release straps.

Lily sometimes like to chase other dogs, so I tie her leash to the trailer to keep her from jumping out.

You can see the Travoy bike trailer remains steady and upright even when traveling on a bumpy trail. The bike fell over off-camera and the dog-occupied trailer still stayed upright.

Watch for more information about Burley’s Travoy bike trailer soon.


  1. pretty cool bring it to a bike party so i can check the trailer out 🙂 sadly it doesn't look like it mounts compatible with my burley recumbent.

  2. …that is fricking hilarious simply because lily is so obviously loving it…awesome video, bud…

    …”yup, yup…me n' dad cruisin' in nature & he's doin' all the work, yup, yup”…

  3. Oh yeah, this is her favorite mode of transport by a long shot! She's outside enjoying the breeze and sunshine and she doesn't have to put any effort into it. It's a dog's life.

  4. I spoke with a few people at burley and they said that they have a special rack that can be used with recumbents. check out their facebook page and youll see a guy using the travoy with the recumbent

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