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Discussion at the National Journal “expert blog” on “Fuel Tax, anyone?”

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    I have come back from “Fuel tax Annoy?”
    It seems to be a serious/nervous problem for me, so I can’t speak about it easily. But the Republican leaders rejected the tax plan, it means he would fear the oppositions of voters which is related to the Tea party group, right? …Thanks. (None of the punch line…)

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    That’s correct. I know gas tax has been contentious in Japan too over the past two years.

    You’ll be shocked to know that the U.S. Federal (national) gasoline tax is 18.4 cents per gallon. That is about 5円 per liter!

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    Ah-, but …you know ? Gasoline tax is 53.8 yen per liter in Japan. How do you think about it? Crazy, huh?

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