Mark Cavendish and Heinrich Haussler touched wheels just short of the finish line during a sprint finish in Stage 4 of the Tour de Suisse.

Cavendish, for now, plans to stay in the race in spite of road rash all over his body. Haussler withdrew from the race after the crash due to his injuries. Arnaud Coyot has a broken hip.

Cavendish was fined 200 Swiss francs, had 25 points taken from him in the sprinter competition and 30 seconds from his GC standing after race judges determined Cavendish was at fault in the crash.

The Tour de Suisse ends Sunday with a time trial.


  1. Cavendish was so lucky to get out of that with just road rash and a fine…..could have been a whole lot worse for him. Not sure my body could take a fall like that one.


  2. F!#$ ME. If that doesn't put a cringe on your face I don't know what will.

    Cav definitely cut Haussler off but why the hell is Haussler looking straight down at his wheel the entire time in the middle of a sprint? He didn't know Cav had crossed him until he saw the back wheel cut him down.

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