Ride 500 km, win stuff

Raph Festive 500

The head cold that’s been threatening for the past day finally emerged full bloom this morning, so when I read about Rapha’s Festive 500, I literally feel sick about it. 500 km (300 miles) from Christmas to the New Year? In the cold and rain?

Still, it’s a neat idea. The head cold will be done by Christmas so maybe I’ll go for it, and you can win nice Rapha stuff for participating. Via Andy on Twitter.


  1. I haven’t done many winter rides other than the daily commuting, but this will be my motivation! Under about 20F and I don’t do so well for more than 20 miles. The forecast here (though not incredibly accurate that far out) calls for 28-41F, so that should be doable. I’ll probably just do multiple 2 hour rides on the days that I can and warm up in between.

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