And speaking of unicycles…

The Golden Gate Bridge District aren’t the only ones who’d like to ban unicycles. Stephen Colbert reports on an increase in the latest menace to traffic safety: Unicycles!

Via Kristin in San Francisco.

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  • Dr. Walter Crankset
    April 20, 2011 - 8:51 pm | Permalink

    Let’s call it the “Schwartz Effect!” Imaginary unicyclists knocking down tremendous numbers of imaginary pedestrians, generating so much fear that we must imagine them banned from the public way. (We won’t mention the occasional motor vehicle plowing into a crowd, because there’s no way to imagine banning automobiles.) The Schwartz Effect can be observed in any public meeting or newspaper comment section when overblown, imaginary events lead to a demand for government action, new laws, or at the very least, a law enforcement crackdown on those who have the audacity to contravene imaginary laws, “common sense”, or wear lycra in public.

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