Bicycle careers 12/13/2011

I see several career track job openings in this week’s edition of bicycle jobs.

Senior accountant for Specialized Bicycles, Morgan Hill, CA.

San Francisco Attorney Service seeks bicycle messengers.

Trek in Waterloo, WI hiring Apparel Production Manager, Soft goods product developer, internal audit manager, B-Cycle Product Manager.

Executive Director for Bikes Not Bombs in Jamaica Plain, Bostom, MA.

Bicycle Advocate for Transportation Alternatives in New York City, NY.

Bicycle and Transportation Demand Manager for Boulder County, CO.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition seeks Bicycle Valet Coordinator.

Office Manager for Ciclismo Classico bike tours in Arlington, VA MA.

Light & Motion in Monterey, CA will pay you to represent them at bike races and other events. Qualifications include ability to stay up all night at 24 hour races.


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