1. I saw via Transform (Bay Area Bike/Ped/Transit advocacy group) update that the deal struck was to renew the gas tax as is for six months, then it’s up for discussion.

    Sen. Boxer has apparently been a champion for our cause in this debate.

  2. Interesting. Still, I have heard little about how much of that funding is worth any spending at all. Most bike facilities within range of my house have a net value that is somewhere in the negative range. And mostly even bike facility freaks would agree with the sign. It is what happens when motorists design what they imagine cyclists would use. One such is the scariest road I ride. Anywhere. Spending does NOT equal progress.

  3. Gee….I wonder why we have a $1.4trillion+ deficit. You’re not taking any money from..MY…project.

    And yes, I DO ride..for 50+ years & No, I’m not some wingnut Republican.

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