Donkey Boxx

In the 90s, Mark Kohr of Berkeley California directed music videos for Cake (Going the Distance) and Green Day (Longview, Basket Case, When I Come Around, Good Riddance, Hitchin’ a Ride, etc). Today, he posts YouTube videos of customer testimonials for his amazingly practical Donkey Boxx bicycle boxes.

Donkey Boxx is a high utility, low cost hard shell pannier to mount on your front or rear bicycle rack made from 80% recycled HDPE corrugated plastic. It’s a practical trunk for the utility cyclist to dump your stuff into. These durable made in America boxes are only $28 each.

More information at Donkey Boxx. I have one on the way for review.

I’ve seen those knee high green bicycle socks before.

Green bike socks

You can buy them from Sock Dreams in (where else) Portland.

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