Pedal Savvy fashion show 2011 photos

Enjoy my photos from Saturday’s Pedal Savvy bicycle fashion show at the San Francisco Bike Expo 2011.

As usual, you can go full screen, or click through here for the old fashioned thumbnail view. Most photo captions include designer information and model names. Canadian trials rider Ryan Leech treated us to a quick performance on the runway too with his goofy “Flashdance” style back arched over the bike pose as modeled Lululemon clothes and his maple leaf socks.

I’d like to put this to video and get Bill Cunningham to add his commentary :-). Or maybe I’ll follow Huffington Post’s lead and force you to click through a web page for Each Individual Photo to drive up my pageviews, wouldn’t you love that.

Thank you once again to Gwendolyn Lutz for putting on her best show yet.

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