Gary Fisher Wedding

Gary Fisher and Dr Alex Zaphiris got married last weekend in San Francisco. He, the bride, and the wedding party rode bicycles.

If you’d like to get the happy couple a gift, they’re registered at the Pottery Barn.

More in the Bay Bikers blog at the SF Chronicle: Another royal wedding: Gary Fisher weds, party pedals to Cliff House reception.

7 thoughts on “Gary Fisher Wedding”

  1. heh, i parked bikes at that wedding. it was way fun, and i kept hearing (friendly) grumbling from guys saying that GF has upped the wedding bike ante. 🙂

  2. We all know Fisher’s a bike nut, and it’s cool to see the Mrs has “bike commuter” listed after family practice doctor on her Twitter profile.

  3. Congratulations to Gary and Alex on their new life together. What Calitexican said. The bar has been raised. There’s more than just a wedding to celebrate here.

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