$27,000 tarck bike

Rap producer Pharrell Williams teamed up with French furniture designer Domeau & Pérès to create Le vélo Pharrell Williams, a limited edition bike with a €20,000 price tag.

Velo Pharrell Williams tarck bike

They start with a fairly vanilla brakeless tarck bike from Brooklyn Machine Works with box rims, then hand stitch water buffalo leather over the entire frame, forks, saddle and handlebars to create a true Hip Hop Slave Machine. How cute that they even cover the headset cap! If you look carefully at the top photo you can see they even wrap the tube valve cap.

Leather stitching tarck bike headset

Only twelve of these beauties are available and only in a single size (56 cm). You can choose the leather color, but once the color has been bought it’s no longer available. If you have 30 grand burning a hole in your pocket, pick your color now because these beauties won’t last.

Tarck Bike seat cluster

Purchase exclusively through Gagosian Gallery. Via Hype Beast. Pharrell has apparently been shopping this around for a couple of years now.

See also: Jacques Ferrand’s Leather Bicycle from 2009.


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