New bike blogs for 2011?

We’re losing One Less Car New and EcoVelo after the end of 2011, and Rick Smith also stopped publishing Yehuda Moon last September.

I’d like to feature new bike blogs that began over the last year. I have a couple in mind, but who would you like to recommend? Please feel free to leave a link to your own blog or your favorite new blog.

Mountain bike jump

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  1. I’m making my goal in 2011 to spend more time riding my bike than I do in my car commuting to and from work. My commute by car is like 60 miles round-trip, so it’ll be a challenge. Does anybody care about that? Probably just me…

  2. I was sad to hear about EcoVelo stopping. I’d like to recommend a fellow London Blogger. Help My Chain Came Off is the name of her blog and is available here:

  3. It’s not exactly a blog, but I built as kind of an experiment. It’s (supposed to be) a community driven cycling news aggregator. Fun to play around with nonetheless :)

    is pretty good. If your really bored,
    is mine and ok at best…

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  6. Hi!  I just started following your blog so I missed this article when it was first published, but I’ll go ahead and mention my blog,, as a new blog of 2011.  (Technically I posted first in late December of 2010, but whatever.)  I’d love a shout-out if you don’t mind!

  7. Oh hey – not to be picky, but the name of my blog is actually Biking in Memphis.  The reason I mention that is that there is/was another site called Bike Memphis, although it is largely dormant.

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  9. If you plan to cycle anywhere in Minnesota, check out the MN Bike Trail Navigator blog.

    It contains links to maps and trail info for over 100 trails around the state, both paved, crushed gravel and mountain bike. Also, lots of photos, info on trail projects and posts of interest to cyclists.