Oklahoma town passes three foot law

The city of Edmond, Oklahoma passed a three foot passing law that goes into effect on April 27, 2011.

The council for this Oklahoma City northern suburb of 82,000 passed the ordinance on March 28. With avid cyclist Lt. Chuck Linhardt on the force, Edmond police are applying bright yellow “3 Feet Please – It’s The Law” stickers to their police cars to encourage compliance.

Other changes to city law in the new ordinance:

  • Clarify that bicycles are permitted on sidewalks outside of the central business district.
  • Bicycle lanes are for the exclusive use of bicycles.
  • Clarify that a bicycle “shall be considered a vehicle when traveling on the roadway.”
  • Remove Edmond’s mandatory sidepath law.
  • Remove equipment requirements for bells, sirens or whistles.
  • Remove license and registration requirements for bicycles in Edmond.


Oklahoma City passed a three foot passing ordinance in 2009. Oklahoma has had a statewide 3 foot law since 2006.


  1. Everyone involved—Bravo and thank you for making this happen. Lives will be saved…and that is something we can all be thankful for.

    Joe Mizereck

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