Pepper Spray bike mount

Peace on earth and goodwill to all!

Bike mounts for pepper spray are available for the competetive bicycle riding Christmas shopper this holiday season.

The first is this “mount anywhere” bear spray mount with holes tapped specifically for bike frame water bottle bosses.

Pepper Spray bicycle mount

The second is this “Cycle Saver” pepper spray with included universal handlebar mount.

Cycle Saver Pepper Spray with handlebar mount


  1. I want some special arm clip, like in “Taxi Driver.” When dogs attack (I’m guessing bears too) I’m way to slow to reach to my bottle cage for defense. Laser eye balls would be even better, but I can’t find any on ebay.

  2. Forget dogs.  One of these canisters, and an automobile-glass hammer, and I’m set for dealing with Toronto’s drivers.

  3. It’s needed for those dogs at the top of Gist on Summit Rd!

    Although the regular bear spray fits pretty well in a regular bottle cage, I did spritz my leg accidentally trying to put it back in after arming myself near those dogs. Everyone should feel the pain of bear spray just on their skin before you think about spraying it on anyone’s mucus membranes.

  4. My wife (a therapist) is performing court-mandated counseling this month for somebody who responded with pepper spray in a road rage incident.  Might not be the best idea.

  5. I hear that these are quite popular with the law enforcement community in bike friendly Davis!

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