Ray LaHood rides a bicycle

United States Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood joined a group of DOT bike commuters this morning for a ride to the office.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood rides a bicycle

In his blog post this morning, LaHood reminds people of the benefits of biking to work: “That can help ease the pain everyone feels at the pump these days. It can lower the burden of tailpipe emissions on our environment. And it can create economic opportunities. We know that building bicycle, transit, and rail facilities creates jobs. And we know that businesses will pop up where streets are friendly to bicyclists and pedestrians.”

The Huff Post writer assigned to cover this story admits he snoozed right through the 7 AM start!

Last week, the DOT posted the latest of Ray LaHood’s “On The Go” videos, in which he answers questions about fuel economy standards, high speed rail, bicycle infrastructure, and hipster fashion.

Photo Credit: Julie Fischer McCarter, DOT

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