San Francisco Wiggle PSA

“San Francisco has too many hills and too much traffic to be enjoyable and safe for cyclists.”

Or: “The Urban Myth that desperately needs to be exposed for what it really is: a myth.”

San Francisco has long been a great place to ride, and broad-spectrum bicycle infrastructure upgrades have made it even better in the past few years. Miles and miles of new, clearly-marked bike lanes, traffic calming measures, bike boxes, and designated routes that avoid busy streets and go around the steepest hills are just some of the things cyclists in the City by the Bay are smiling about.

One of the oldest and most used of the designated routes in SF is the “Wiggle” .
Locals know it and use it with ease, but it is not widely known outside the City. A group of Wiggle advocates is looking to change that. “I’ve long thought The Wiggle needed it’s own PSA,” says Lawrence Grodeska, the group’s ringleader. “Because of our love for San Francisco’s best bike route, we want to give The Wiggle the celebrity it deserves.”

The production of the Public Service Announcement is coming along, and filming along the route takes place this Sunday the 22nd. From the Wiggle PSA website: We want all kinds of bikes to represent: cruisers, fixies, road bikes, party machines, double-deckers, triple-deckers, Trikeasauruses, pedicabs and whatever else you’ve got. Just ride on over, and bring as many friends as you can muster. Of course, this being a San Francisco bike party, if you want to dress in your bicycle best, we won’t stop you!

I will be at Duboce Park at 2:00 PM in an orange shirt and cycling cap, on my Big Dummy, ready to make my PSA debut. If you can make it, and you see me, say “Hi!”


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