Sea Otter 2011 report and photos

I’m about to upload a mess of photos from today’s foray to the Sea Otter Classic 2011.


I had an enjoyable conversation with Ralph Pawsat, the president of Wald Sports, the Kentucky bike basket and parts company. Pawsat’s grandfather started Wald Cycles in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1905. He moved the company to Maysville, Kentucky to be close to the major bike manufacturers in Ohio.

This year, Wald plans to introduce a new folding basket with “S” hooks so it can hang from a standard rear bicycle rack, kind of like you do with panniers.

Walld hanging folding basket

Walld hanging folding basket

Road racing

Vanderkitten has new kit for 2011. What do you think of it?




View the entire Sea Otter Classic 2011 photoset here as a slideshow. Watch for updates over the weekend.

For live updates and photos from the Sea Otter Festival, follow me on Twitter @ Cyclelicious.


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    About Wald
    I used such a side basket which was able to bent like it. It was twenty five years ago. I enjoyed a kind of road bike with 9 gears. I also attached the side basket on the rear seat. I used to bring my school bag in it.^^  Like this

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    I like the new Vanderkitten kit…..very cool. But then again, I’m not a very traditional sort of guy. I’ll be watching for your Sea Otter updates all weekend. Keep the good stuff coming.


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    What kind of rack is that? I’m more interested in it than the basket pannier.

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