Simeli Skirt Guards

Colorful, crocheted Dutch skirt guards convert any fendered bike from drab to fab.

Bicycle ornament company Simeli offers a variety of hand crocheted skirt guards and matching keyrings for your bike. Even if cycling in long flowing skirts isn’t your thing, Simeli’s beaded wheel covers add a nice splash of color to your bike.

Simeli crochet skirt guard

There’s utility to this accessory: your long dress or coat could get caught in the spokes of your rear wheel. This skirt guard (aka coat guard aka dress guard) prevents potential disaster by keeping flapping fabric away from the moving parts.

Simeli skirt guards ship with a set of clips; you attach the skirt guard to the rear fender with these clips. They’re designed for 28″ wheeled Dutch bikes, but Simeli will help you out with other sized bikes. LovelyBicycle attached a set to a mixte frame bicycle without any problems.

To order, select by clicking on the “basket” button of the dress guard you like. Payment is by PayPal, and a skirt guard with a set of clips will run you about US$85 with shipping to the United States from the Netherlands.

Product and ordering information at Simeli.

There’s a good review of Simeli skirt guards along with photos of them in use at Lovely Bicycle.

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