Sunset Celebration bike parking

Sunset Magazine’s 12th annual Celebration takes place this weekend at the publishing headquarters on Willow Road in Menlo Park, California. The western living magazine closes Willow Road from Middlefield Road to Willow Place in Menlo Park for a weekend long block party.

Sunset’s event information page gives you driving directions to their Celebration, and then asks you to park three miles away in the Oracle parking lot out by the Dumbarton Bridge, with shuttle service to and from the event.

The Palo Alto and Menlo Park Caltrain stations are each just a mile away from Sunset Magazine, and walking and biking are both very easy from either station. Palo Alto is a little bit closer, but if you’re not familiar with the neighborhood walking and biking from Menlo Park may be easier.

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition will also provide free valet bike parking at Sunset Magazine. You’ll receive a $1 discount on admission if you bike there and use the bike parking service. This service is a fundraiser for the SVBC so please leave a tip! For those who volunteer for a shift of bike parking, you get a free pass to the event ($16 value).


* Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend info.

* Bike Directions from Palo Alto Caltrain.

* Bike directions from Menlo Park Caltrain station.


  1. Thanks for posting on this issue of transportation directions to events! There should no longer be such a thing as “driving directions” posted on a website: “how to get there” information should always include transit, bike, and walking. People who already want to get around by transit, biking and walking will benefit from these directions – and equally important, people who consider their cars to be the only reasonable form of transportation will get a little gentle hint that there may be other ways to get around. Put the driving directions last! – drivers will keep looking to find it.

    I have found that webmasters are quite open to modifying the “directions” pages of their websites. Here's an example of web directions that were drastically reworked after the webmaster received just one email from me:
    Note the cheery reminder to “bus, bike and walk to the zoo – or wherever life takes you!”

  2. Hey Merlin, that's a great idea, asking webmaster to modify the directions pages to include 'alternate' transportation directions.

    Apple's WWDC page has links to driving and transit information to the Moscone Center in SF, but has no information about biking. Sun Micro used to heavily promote biking to Java One back in the day at that same event center.

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