1. Drill?  ehh…  Slot ’em with a dremel tool and cutoff disc and use a large screwdriver. If that doesn’t work, cut out the rest of the head with the dremel, pull stuff apart.

  2. Solemates… Those cleats are never coming off. If you drill it out, you would need to rethread it (good luck!). If they are that worn, I’m going to guess the second set of holes had rusted being usability as well.

    I was able to reuse my first pair of cleats for 12 years. Now I seem to have corroded bolts that just snap when I try to back them out, so I seem to get new ones each year after my commuter shoes wear out. The race shoes seem to stay dry enough though – though they are the ones that fit under booties so they see a few slushfest days in winter.

  3. yeah  those are very hard to clip, easy to unclip, when they get that worn

    you can prob get them out though


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