Wanted: Your bike ride video

Ditch the Van Bike Tour wants your bike video for an upcoming music video.

They want you to strap a camera to the back of your bike or head and point it backwards to show where you’ve been, sort of like this one of my ride through Palo Alto below, but better quality and without the wheel showing if you can.

They’re looking for interesting scenes — lush country roads, shanty towns, urban jungle, etc. They especially want something shot from the middle of the road or trail, if possible.

To create more videos just for this project, I strapped a phone mount to my seat post, like so.

Phone mount on seatpost

Unfortunately, the strap on this Peripower bicycle phone cradle snapped clean in half when I rolled my bike out of the office after taking this photo. I’m glad I hadn’t put my phone in yet!

Get your rear-facing bike video footage and send it to the nice people at the Ditch The Van Tour.

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  1. The one video I made of my commute is so peaceful it could be used for relaxation therapy 😉

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