2012 Virtual Alleycat Race with the Kickstand Cyclery

I’m doing another online alleycat race with the Kickstand Cyclery. No actual bike skills are necessary to win this race — all you need is an Internet connection, the ability to click links on web pages, and perhaps some web searching skills.

We’re still working on prizes; if you’re interested in sponsoring this race by providing a good first place prize please get in touch with either Rick Smith or me. Last year, first place prize was a bicycle. We’re looking at a bike trailer or similar for this year, but we’re open for other ideas.

Race begins Monday, January 30, 2012 and ends the following day. When we’ve done this in the past a good time was had by all.

Go to YehudaMoon.com to register and you *DO* want to pre-register if you want to win.

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