Hump Day Link Love

Happy Hump Day. Rain in Santa Cruz and San Jose this morning! I was shocked.

Tyler Hamilton pro cyclist

Outside Magazine uses one of my Tyler Hamilton photos in a three page review of his new book The Secret Race. Hamilton raced for Rock Racing in 2009 when I shot him during the individual time trial in Sacramento.

I’ve bought the Kindle version and will start reading The Secret Race tonight.

More Flickr Link Love

Use one of my Flickr photos for a blog post, give me attribution, and I’ll hopefully give you a mention here, assuming I notice the linkback and I don’t object too much about what you wrote. I’d prefer a link to Cyclelicious but it’s not like I’ll hit your with a DMCA takedown if you don’t. Just be sure the photo you used has the Creative Commons license attached.

Kind of a generic stage race finish photo that happens to include Lance Armstrong to illustrate an opinion piece about doping.

Plan Putnam “News That Matters” linked to my commonly used photo of oil pump jacks in a story about the influence of big oil money on the public.

Coffee Cup enjoy your bike ride

I somehow received a recent ping from EcoVelo from this article about the door zone.

A story about collaboration illustrated with a photo of a coffee cup.

An article about adding flavoring to water at a consumer information website uses a photo of a water bottle.

More bicycle blog link love

Martin in Sweden mentions me here.

Ted in Los Angeles frequently mentions Cyclelicious.

“Asia’s Leading cycling News Portal” links back to the bike design contest announcement. “Baik Bike,” incidentally, is pronounced “Bike Bike.” Baik means “good” in the Malay language.


  1. …i’m in full agreement with bikinginla…you’re “dialed in”, fritzter…

    … i’m glad to see “outside mag” used your photo so that you personally are getting props & because it led me to reading their review of “the secret race” which i find extremely compelling…

    …i was hoping to jump on a bike & ride down to ‘book passage’ today & buy a copy, which i already believe will be one of THE tomes of this era in cycling but alas, in a county full of cyclists, someone dropped the ball…

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