Blind cyclist Derek King

Derek King is legally blind and uses a BionX equipped Catrike recumbent to get around the Dallas area “instead of just sitting on a bus for the rest of my life.” That trailer he uses to tow an Orbea diamond frame is really cool.

In this ad for Richardson Bike Mart, Derek King also takes the lane like nobody’s business. I commuted daily across the Mid Cities and DFW Airport between Haltom City and Irving for a couple of years in the early 90s. In spite of my lane taking and the complete lack of cycling facilities on the busy roads I traveled, the only harassment I ever received was from young women whistling their appreciation for my backside. I guess I was worth looking at 20 years ago.

Psst! Register to win an Onda Go bike trailer!

Derek King recumbent with trailer


  1. …props, derek king…you are one cool son of a gun…

    …fritzter – any idea what the ‘orbea on board’ was about ???…

  2. Yeah, and I like his positive attitude too.

    No idea about the Orbea — I tried finding contact info for Mr King but couldn’t find any. I’ll contact RBM next to see what they say.

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