Gary’s Panforte

Clif Bar’s 20th Anniversary Limited Edition “Panforte”.

“Gary’s Panforte” is a special edition bar that Clif says is “crafted from an 800 year old Italian recipe and inspired by Gary Erickson’s rides over Italy’s Passo di Gavia.”

Clif Bar Gary Erickson Panforte


I tried the sample Clif sent to me, and the organic fruit, nuts and spice flavoring reminds me of a Celestial Seasonings spiced tea or of… well, on second thought, the Panforte bar tastes a bit like a yummy, chewy fruit cake.

I Googled the word “Panforte,” and — what d’ya know, it’s Italian for “fruit cake.” But calling a product “fruit cake” is probably a marketing kiss of death, while panforte (say it with flourish) at least gets you in the door. And if you like Clif Bars (which I do), you’ll love Gary’s Panforte.

Gary’s Panforte will be available in limited quantities beginning in May.

I don’t know if they’ll have this Panforte bar on hand, but Clif is always good with free samples at the Sea otter Festival, which begins THURSDAY at the Laguna Seca Raceway outside of Monterey, California and runs through the weekend. I’ll be there Friday through Sunday.

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