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Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney of Bike Commuters pointed this out to me. Do you see anything funny about the ad copy for Mercier “Nano” minivelo bicycles from Bikes Direct?

Mercier Minivelo from Bikes Direct 2012

Compare against what I wrote in 2008 about minivelo bicycles.

What is a minivelo bicycle - Cyclelicious

I used “Yokota Fritz” as my blogging nom de plume in 2008. I’m surprised Jack remembers it, and I’m flattered that a large online bike marketer would use my fractured English for their ad copy word for word.

A few importers have tried now and again to sell these unique bikes, but the American market for miniature bikes hasn’t exactly exploded. If you want something new and different, though, this Mercier branded CrMo steel bike sounds like a pretty good deal at $300. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea, this might be an okay idea, but make sure your gift recipient actually wants one of these. I like minivelo bikes, but I think most people think they just look weird and goofy.

The bikes have kind of a road inspired components and look but use 20 inch wheels like you’ll find on BMX bikes. These are not folding bikes.

Order from Bikes Direct, quantities limited.


  1. haha! Quanitities are always limited at BD! I bought one of their minis early on and have thoroughly enjoyed it, though it’s a bit of a boat anchor. My reviews are on my blog.

  2. It’s cheesy to use your copy without compensation, Richard. If you felt strongly about it I’m sure you could send them a take down notice. On the other hand, maybe they’ll give you a bike for the use of your copy.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. I didn’t see your 2008 comments about minivelos, so the thing that jumped out at me when I was reading through the ad was the “These lightweight bicycles…”. I purchased a Nano when they had their introductory pricing and, as Matt said, it is feels anything but lightweight. That said, the bike is a lot of fun and I use it as a get-around-town bike and backup commuter.

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