Monday deadline to sign or veto 3 foot bill

California Governor Jerry Brown has until this Monday to sign or veto California SB 1464, Alan Lowenthal’s “Three Feet for Safety Act.”

The state legislature passed SB 1464, which mandates at least three feet passing distance between a cyclist and a passing motor vehicle. While the Governor normally has 12 days to either sign or reject legislation, he has 30 days to sign when the legislature adjourns every two years in September. Because the 30 day deadline falls on a Sunday, Governor Brown has until this coming Monday, October 1 2012, to sign or veto the bill.

California has no pocket veto, so unless Brown explicitly rejects the legislation, the 3 foot bill automatically becomes law on Monday.

Although Brown has been busy signing dozens of bills into law each day over the past three weeks, he still has hundreds more to review. You can see for yourself what the Governor has signed and what’s he’s vetoed by perusing the long lists in each of the legislative updates from the Governor’s Office.

Thank you to Dave and Jim from the California Bicycle Coalition for explaining the legislation deadline process to me.

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