Pedal Minnesota

Fast Co.Design discusses an ad agency’s work in promoting cycling in Minnesota through “Pedal Minnesota,” a new campaign aimed at making it easier for locals and tourists to get around by bike. The efforts include “tune up shelters” in which the project transforms existing bus shelters into mini bike shops by adding maps, tools, and air pumps.

Minnesota has a reputation for being a particularly easy place to ride a bike, full of famously hardy winter commuters. The state generates over $1 billion in bike-related revenue, more than hunting and snowmobiling combined.

Colle+McVoy took pains to design a mobile-friendly website, which includes smartphone accessible maps of the state’s routes. “By using responsive design, the site can be completely utilized by bikers on the go,” explains Husband. A website of neatly organized resources, like advice on commuting with kids and a searchable calendar of events and group rides, completes the web presence.

One of the coolest things about the project is the “tune-up shelters” now popping up around the state. By retrofitting existing bus stops with multi-tools, maps, and pumps, the team found a way to offer universal access to necessities at a fairly low cost. Plus, the tools are all bought from local bike shops.

Bike information websites are usually designed by staff and interns of the Department of Transportation, or nerdy enthusiasts like me with no clue about marketing or design. Maybe we can learn something from a professional design like Pedal MN.

More on this at FastCoDesign: Minnesota Courts Cyclists With A New Mobile Platform.


  1. I’m adding Minnesota to my list of places to vacation. Oh wait, it already was.

    My travel list is actually pretty long: Montreal, Seattle, Boston, D.C, Vancouver, Boulder.  And that’s just North America.  These cities are on my list because they’re interesting places, but because they are known for urban bicycling and that’s my favorite way to tour a city.

  2. I’ve lived near Boulder and biked plenty there. It’s indeed a pleasant place to bike. Biked in DC too, which I loved so much I almost missed my flight out. Been to Boston & Seattle but never w/ bike.

  3. I’ve rented bikes and ridden around town in Portland, Austin, New York, Chicago, and Long Beach in the US. Plus Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin and Munich overseas. It’s interesting to compare how different cities do things differently.  And renting bikes vs traveling with them definitely adds to the drama.

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