Tour de Peninsula supports San Mateo County Open Space

It’s been several years since my last charity ride, so I signed up for the Tour de Peninsula coming up on August 5, 2012.

Numerous routes and distances are available, from a short 2 to 6 mile family & kid ride through Coyote Point Park, to a metric century that includes Kings Mountain Road, Crystal Springs Road, Pulgas Water Temple, Alice’s Restaurant, and a descent down OLH.

The Tour de Peninsula raises funds for the San Mateo County Parks Foundation and Bicycle Sunday – car-free biking on Cañada Road. The San Mateo County Parks Foundation funds projects that restore habitat, provide environmental education, improve trails, support volunteer efforts, and encourage recreational use of parks. Since its founding in 1998, the Foundation and its members have provided millions of dollars for San Mateo County Parks.

I just need to figure out how to get from Santa Cruz to Coyote Point Park way up by Burlingame before my 8 AM ride start. The first Sunday morning bus out of Santa Cruz arrives at San Jose Caltrain at 7:35 AM, and the first Sunday morning train runs at 8 AM. This either looks like a ZipCar day, or maybe an epic, 4½ hour, 60 mile ride over the Santa Cruz Mountains before the actual charity ride. Hmm….


  1. Although a resident of San Mateo County, I “boycott” this ride because bicycling access, particularly mountain biking, is so poor to county parks.  It’s a bit offensive to raise money from cyclists and then shut them out of your parks.

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