Cop witnesses cyclist get crossed by DC cabbie, hits the siren

Don’t you hate those scofflaw, law breaking drivers? They should make them get registration and take driving tests to learn the rules of the road before they kill somebody.

Just the other day, Bill Walsh was just riding along on Pennsylvania Avenue with his helmet cam when a cab driver pulls a U-turn directly in front of him and next to a “NO U-TURN” sign. Walsh stops to avoid bumping the cab door. To his surprise, Walsh hears a siren behind him. A cop had witnessed the whole thing and pulled the taxi driver over.

Stupid question from me: Can the FBI police enforce DC traffic regulations? They normally do security type work for FBI facilities in the District.


  1. I hope this cab got more than a talking-to. I had a woman almost hit me when she rolled through a red light when I was crossing Oregon Expy in Palo Alto. There was a cop behind her who put on his lights and pulled her over. I watched from a distance as he talked to her for a while. But he let her go without writing her up. Very annoying.

  2. I believe they have an “agreement” that allows cross-jurisdictional action. If the LEO witnesses an act outside his jurisdiction he can take action to apprehend then turn over the perp to the correct authority.

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