Ghisallo Bicycles

Seen in a San Jose bike shop.

Ghisallo Bicyles

The story goes that a traveler named Ghisallo was attacked by roving bandits. He ran to a nearby shrine and sought refuge after he was drawn to the shrine by an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Religious leaders later proclaimed this apparition — the Madonna del Ghisallo — to be the patroness of cyclists.

2 thoughts on “Ghisallo Bicycles”

  1. I never ride without my Madonna del Ghisallo medallion; doesn’t hurt to have a little divine protection. At least until Rome gets around to making Gino Bartali a saint.

    I’d be very curious what that Ghisallo Bicycles refers to, though. I know Litespeed has a Ghisallo frame, but that doesn’t seem to be what that is.

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