Council Candidates appear at San Jose Bike Party

Of five mayor and council candidates who promised to appear at last night’s San Jose Bike Party, eight either showed up or sent a campaign representative to ask participants to “vote for me” in the primaries coming up on June 3, 2014. The candidates are running for mayor and council seats for the city of San Jose. These are all mainstream, leading candidates stumping for the bike vote.

Below photos of Dave Cortese, Pierluigi Oliviero, Susan Marsland and others filched from Instagram. The I Walk I Bike I Vote voters’ guide was updated this morning with responses.


  1. Sam Liccardo is the only good guy here, clearly.

    Dave only reaffirmed his plan to get rid of the Hedding street lane (and with it would go the intersection bike detector testing), and to block future bike lanes using the soon to be no longer required ‘level of service’ argument.

    The other three are truly laughable. Timothy can relate because he goes to a ‘spin’ class at his gym. He’s never heard of Vision Zero, but he might go ask somebody what it is. Madison only wants to address (the) bike vs ped collision, and not any collisions involving cars….that seems to be off the table. She also thinks the Hedding street lane has “tremendous adverse effects”. Between zero and a few seconds is ‘tremendous’ to her I guess. Seriously.

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