Extensible pedal for quickie backie tandem

In the USA, we mount electronic sound systems to the backs of our bikes. Here’s how they do things in the Old Country.

Virguvant - ride a bike with a tuba

“Backies” is the Euro-English term for the practice of riding while seated on the rear rack of a bicycle. A couple of crazy fun bike guys in Estonia have created a pedal with fold out pegs so your passenger can act as a stoker as you captain the bike and he plays a tuba. The below video demonstrates the concept nicely.

€69 purchase from Virguvant.com includes worldwide shipping cost. Be sure to read the specifications page to ensure the pedal fits your bike (it probably will) and for reminders that a metal post sticking out of your pedal will affect your turning radius and passing distance.

For my own legal protection, I feel compelled to remind you that you are responsible for your own safety. Anything and everything on this blog are not expert advice on bicycle safety but are provided only for your entertainment and enjoyment.

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