Gloves found on Guadalupe River Trail San Jose

I found two different single gloves on the Guadalupe River Trail this morning in San Jose, California, where the overnight low was 50°F / 10°C.

The first is a bulky winter four finger ski glove.

Winter glove found on Guadalupe River Trail this morning.   It's a long way to Tahoe.

This glove was found between Hedding and I-880 on the trail. I didn’t think to look at the brand of this glove.

The second is a lightweight Manzella fleece glove with a knitted blue covering spotted just north of Montague Expressway. I think I might own this same glove (but without the yarn).

People are shedding gloves like crazy on the Guadalupe River Trail.   Manzella w/ knitted cover.

I left these gloves by the side of the trail because I figure it’s far more likely the owner will spot them there than to see this blog post. If you are the owner, now you know where they might be unless somebody else grabbed them.

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