Popular bikes for thieves

Road.cc reports on the most popular bikes for thieves in London, England. I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising that the more popular bikes are among the most commonly reported bike thefts.

Bianchi Boardwalk bicycle

“If they nick a customised bike it is very hard to sell,” he said. “It’s like bike porn to cyclists and if they see one they’re all around it, and also cyclists are very active on social media so it’s likely to be spotted.

“A bike like a Specialized Allez – there are hundreds of them and thieves know they can shift them quite easily.”

I know when a fairly vanilla bike is posted to the SF Bay Area stolen bikes group, I’m fairly likely to gloss over the description. As the road.cc article notes, rare bikes are easily recognizable.

In other bike theft news, this guy describes how a thief defeated his $200 “TiGr” titanium lock. Bummer.

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