San Jose Police Bike Patrol take the lane

Google Streetview captured this two dozen strong contingent of San Jose and Santa Clara police bike patrol on an apparent training ride last November.

Bikes May Use Full Lane

They’re kinda sorta taking the right lane and staying clear of the bike lane on Berryessa Road in San Jose, California.

Bikes May Use Full Lane

Bikes May Use Full Lane

You can view this group for several yards by scrolling from here in Google Streetview. Note the police SUV acting as a sag behind the last rider.

Thank you to @jibberboosh for pointing me to this.


  1. Were the flashing lights going on the blocker vehicle? And notice the officer corking the intersection in the top picture.

  2. It looks like they have actually four guys controlling the intersection. One to stop the right north bound Lundy, one covering both the left lane and left turn lane, and two more guys to cover the two south bound Lundy lanes. So the plan seems to be to run the light if necessary to keep the group together. Not exactly bike party rules.

    But notice the two peds ready to cross when the light changes. Oops, they forgot to plug the crosswalk. Just shows that running red lights is way too complicated, even for the police. Why would they not just use infrared emergency light triggers on their bikes to keep the light green? Would be safer than having all those guys stopping to plug lanes and risk getting rear ended by the others, who you know are chatting for sure.

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